Coaster Sets

Yesterday I listed some left overs from the craft show (which was almost everything, only sold 2 items). One of the items was my new coaster sets! I ended up keeping two sets, I just adore them! You can find some in the shop now:

Siamese OOAK Monster

It's been a while since I posted a new amigurumi monster in the shop! Meet Siamese, the two-headed monster. This is my first attempt at a double headed monster and I can say that I am madly in love! He is hanging out in my shop right now and I will not be mad at all if he never sells, I just adore him to pieces!

More Craft Show Prep

I've been prepping for the show next month like crazy! Today I worked on getting my price tag markers made. These are from wood disks, clothes pins and chalk board paint! I glued down the disks on the clothes pins and then did 3-4 coats of chalk board paint on them, easy.

Also finished my little earring studs! I have a limited quantity of these, thought I had more studs on hand but didn't, boo. It's ok though, these turned out cute!

I still have to finish up about 6 more monsters on my sewing desk and measure out the dog collars I have in my crate. Will be working on coptic bound journals this week and still need to get my zine's copied. Getting things done and I think I will be really prepared by the craft show on March 23rd!

Facebook Giveaway!!

So hey! I am running a little giveaway on FB today! Come by and check it out! You can enter to win one of my Mini Eep's!

Behind the Scenes

Working on lots of new Eep's for the craft show next month and one for a Facebook giveaway next week! I will post info on that over the weekend and when it is live!