Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Xmas Knitting

I'm not normally a holiday knitter and I rarely do hand knit gifts... I'll admit it, I'm a super selfish knitter! lol This year I started making ornaments (for my tree) and they are so addicting! I found a quick and simple pattern for mini sock ornaments on Ravelry here and they are so fun to knit, I've been using all my favorite sock yarn scraps.

You can knit these in the round but I'm doing them flat like the pattern says, I've never liked knitting tiny things in magic loop, too fiddly for my long fingers. I'm doing solid ones first, then I may do some stranded ones next.

Along with knitting these, I've been plugging away at The Doodler Mystery KAL with Stephen West, I'm on the 2nd wedge of clue 3. I need to pick up the pace so I can start clue 4 in time, but I have a feeling I will be behind this week. I'm still not sure how I feel about the shawl so far, once the cable clue was thrown in I kinda stopped loving it, but I'm just not a cable person in general. Never cared how cables look and such. So we will see! If I don't love it, then for sure I will gift it for Xmas. Gasp! Would that mean I'm knitting something for someone other than me?! lol

I did a test colorway this past week and I don't think it will make it to the shop in January, they will be a OOAK colorway! So I am destashing them! If you are interested, I have two left for $20 + SH ($3.50 for US or $4.50 everywhere else). Just send me an email -

Friday, November 06, 2015

WestKnits 2015 KAL + FO!

I was supposed to record the next episode of Yarn in my Coffee but I got hit with a bad head cold this week, so no video this week. I'll share what I'm working on anyways!

Yesterday I finally finished my Exploration Station shawl by Stephen West!!! So excited and I love it to pieces! I finished it and blocked it yesterday, took me nearly all day to bind off on it but it was so worth it. I finally have a shawl that drapes over me perfectly!

Since I hit my goal of finishing the Exploration Station I started the new West Knits 2015 KAL last night! I signed up a couple weeks ago and have been so excited to start! I need to run up to the LYS today to pick up better needles but I couldn't wait to cast it on.

The yarn I'm using isn't super contrast but I love it! It's subtle, yet contrast.

  • Color A - Milky Robot in "Buddha"
  • Color B - Blue Moon Fiber Arts in "A Speck of Autumn"
  • Color C - Madelinetosh in "Neon Peach"

Tuesday, November 03, 2015


Since the move at the end of May, I have been busy and working on some new stuff... mostly paying attention to myself! There has been some knitting, some yoga, some walking, and lots in between. I didn't mean to completely neglect this blog, but things happen.

Since I'm knitting a lot more these days, it's been part of my mindfulness practice, I figured I would dust off the blog and start posting again, I'm also coming back to my weekly Yarn in my Coffee podcast video's!! I hope to record the next episode on on Thursday, I used to record on Wednesday but since I am training for a 5k on Mon - Wens - Fri, I would rather not be a hot mess in the video lol!

So what's new?! I started on a major health journey in August, I blog about all that elsewhere though, so I won't be talking about it on this blog ( I've been dyeing yarn here and there, I'm actually doing one last shop update today with 6 skeins of yarn, it's the last of the base yarn I have in my stock. I'm going on a long holiday break till the beginning of the year so I can fully focus on myself for a bit... plus, I have a ton of WIP's to finish before the end of the year lol!

I created a couple new colorways though! The one above will be in the shop today, it's the far left in focus, it's called Tarot Reader. I also created two others called Ganesh (photo below) and Psychology (not pictured). I will be on the hunt for a new yarn supplier this Winter so that is another reason I will be on break.

Since I'm recording a new episode on Thursday, I won't go into detail about what's on my needles right now, you'll have to wait and see on Thursday!! But, here is a sneak peek (if you follow me on Ravelry, then you know what these will turn into). I have a couple more yarns on the way, so some of my plans may change, we'll see! I also dyed up a hank of Buddha and Tarot Reader for myself to keep! I need to find a project for Tarot Reader, was thinking about the Savana Shawl. Hmmm...

Monday, June 08, 2015

It's Monday, I've stepped back on the mat

Last year I was doing a fairly consistent yoga practice, nothing crazy, but it was daily for me. I fell off track and didn't touch the mat until this morning. It's been months! I still feel very beginner and new to yoga, that is one reason I kept putting off my yoga practice. I just simply had no idea where to start.

Last month I picked up the Home Practice Kit by Amber Karnes of Body Positive Yoga, but I held off on starting until after the move. Well, it's been a week since we moved in and it was time to roll out the mat and get my practice started all over again. I decided that I will just start somewhere and this is how I would do it. It's hard for me to not over do it, so I'm being fairly strict with myself and only doing a 5-min yoga routine in the morning, Monday through Friday. As much as I want to do all kinds of poses each morning, I know I will burn myself out in the beginning.

My main goal is to just show up and be present while getting a routine started each day. I'm also working on my self love again, I was going strong for a long while before falling into a light depression with my body. So getting back to my body positive mind set has been rough for me, I hope yoga can help me break that cycle again.

Last night I made sure I rolled out my mat, and hung up my yoga leggings in the bathroom, so it was the first thing I saw after waking up! It worked! I immediately put them on and headed straight for my home studio (which is 1/2 sewing space and 1/2 sacred space). After my practice, I decided to start journaling again so I pulled out a new journal I had on my shelf... I think I bought it last year! I want to keep a daily record that includes my yoga, my tarot card pulls, my moontime... etc.

Are you starting a new routine? What is your yoga routine?

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Weekend Roundup

We decided to take a break from moving this weekend to enjoy the house, spend time with friends, an unpack a little more. I added some new plant babies to the backyard and the kitchen as well!