Friday, May 29, 2015

Today is the Day!

I have been super quiet on the blog and for the most part, social media. I try to pop in from time to time on Instagram and Facebook... but ya, I've been busy! Today is finally the day we get keys to our new house!! Ahhh! The excitement woke me up at 2am, I'm just so excited. Tomorrow is the first move day (we are spreading the move out in several weekends) and I'm so anxious to get most of our stuff there!

We did the final walk through on the house the other day, it was nice to see it so empty. I can't wait to dive in and repaint those blue walls, I will have a house tour as soon as everything is unpacked and decorated!

This coming week, I'll be upboxing and packing... we ran out of boxes, so the ones I unpack will be reused to finish some light packing in the apartment. I'm hoping to be fully moved in by next weekend! This has been a fairly nice move, lots of purging... lots!

I'm more eager to finally have my own garden! My husband and I are totally looking forward to doing a minor backyard makeover with raised beds and container gardening. The yard isn't huge, but it's just the right size for us. Enough room to garden, room for our daughter to play in, and for us to relax in. Stay tuned for blog post next week! I also have a gnarly review to do of one of my favorite online shops, Uncommon Goods!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Photographs

I really suck at sticking with a schedule, don't I?! Haha I promise to get better at blogging again after the move! 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Moon Love + My Routine

Selenophile - One who loves the moon
The past year, the moon has been one of the main focuses in my life (as well as stone medicine and folk herbalism). I follow the lunar cycles and try my best to interact with the moon daily, even if it just means gazing at the sky late at night. I've started a self-paced course with the awesome KV over at Aquarius Nation, it's called The Way of the Moon Journey, and I love it! I've been learning how the moon interacts with my astro chart as it enters my moons houses, how to create astro charts, and what to expect through the year based off my research. I'm still in the early stages of research but it has become a daily routine for me that I look forward to each day. Once I get about 3 months worth of research, the mapping will begin to show a pattern as the moon wanes and waxes.

I've noticed that I have a routine started, finally. I've wanted to get into a routine for a long time, but never stick with one. Every morning, I pull out my research journal, fill in my info for the day and chart it that night. I also pull an tarot or oracle card for the day and note it in the research journal. Along with this research journal, I've also been keeping a good habit of using my FiloFax A5 planner each morning (Sundays are when I set up my week ahead). I'll go to my weekly spread and list my tasks or idea's for the day but I'm still trying to find ways to use this planner more!

I did order a second FiloFax planner in the Personal size (was my Mothers Day gift from my husband) and I plan to use it for all my personal stuff: journaling, moon research, plant profiles, as well as my stone and crystal profiles. So I hope to incorporate this new planner into my daily routine as well (my filler paper is out for delivery today, so I can finally actually start using it, yay!). Once I fill up my moon research journal, I will move it into this planner for my daily research.

Are any of my readers moon freaks like me? What about stones and plants?

Sunday, May 03, 2015

The reason I've been so quiet... we bought a house!

Some of you may have noticed I have been fairly quiet on social media, for sure with knitting at least! There is a big reason for that.... we bought a house! I have been super busy with finishing up custom yarn orders, the Yarn Club and other work stuff. I'm hoping to get all that finished up this weekend and maybe next week, so I can then focus solely on packing and purging. This move is a new huge chapter in life for our little family. I have lots of new plans, projects and idea's for this summer after we are settled.

We close on or before the 29th of this month and our apartment lease is up at the end of June, so lots of time to get things done. We plan to purge a LOT! From craft stuff to junk, I may even do a destash sale with my extra yarn, fabric and craft notions... so keep an eye out for that if I do this!

Can't wait to move and start putting our roots down! Here are some pics of the house (the furniture is all staged, not ours haha).

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Inside my FiloFax A5

Last month I caught the ever so fun planned bug! In the past I used a planner but really never stuck with it very long, though I was way younger when I had it so I really didn't have anything to write in it. Now that I have a child who is in school, a small shop and bills... I find myself using it a lot! For a while I was researching different planners but kept coming back to the FiloFax so I ordered my first one! I went with the A5 size but the Personal was really catching my eye. So far, I love my A5 but I may order a Personal size later on for my personal things (journaling, tarot, brainstorming...) since my A5 is already packed like crazy.

I currently have the Saffiano A5 Original in the Pear color, it's a perfect green that doesn't feel too bright. For an early Mothers Day gift for my mom, I ordered her the Personal size Saffiano in Aquamarine!

My dashboard is from The Merrie Wanderer on Etsy. On it I have some sticky tabs, a super cute sticker and some of my favorite cards clipped to the top. I also added some cute charms that dangle at the bottom.

I remade most of my dividers so far but I have a few more to make still and swap out. My favorite divider is my glitter white one! This divider is for my month and week pages, I use this section the most.

Another section in my planner is for my personal stuff. I put my daily tarot card pulls here, my reading list and my podcast episode notes. If I get a second planner, I will be moving this section to that or just my tarot stuff.

I have a few more sections that are in progress with getting set up. One of which is house stuff (will be posting about that in the next blog post)! In the back of my planner I have my hole puncher. I got this on Etsy and it was a random find, the shop just had one and it was from Japan. I LOVE this hole puncher! It can be used to hole punch the Pocket, Personal and A5 with an easy slide adjustment. It fits in the back of the A5's. I didn't think I would use it often so I was going to leave it out of my planner but I found I'm using it a lot, so it stays!