Another 2 pounds!

I lost another 2 pounds last week, this seems to be my average weekly loss. Not bad! I thought I totally blew it last week. The MIL/Boss and I had 2 slices of Ray's Pizza each, Carlos O'brien Mexican food, chocolate covered cookie dough bites and a bunch of other crap that I did track on my WW. Oop's! I've gotten better since then though haha. My total loss right now is 28 pounds!

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  1. Congrats! A little bit of "bad" eating can SOMETIMES help with the loss. I noticed when I lost 110lobs 6 yrs ago (and yes, gained much of it back when I stopped paying attention, sigh)...but I noticed eating exactly the same points every day did not work as well as flluctuating from very low to very high...within the points total for week.

    I think if we get too routine, our body starts adjusting...but if you keep it guessing just a little, it releases some more fat. My non-scientific take on it!

    Great results! keep going!