Donut Quilt Block Tutorial


I thought I would share my donut block pattern with you all! I sketched it all out this morning and just whipped up part of the block. This is my first quilt block tutorial and I'm very new to quilting, so I may not use the "correct" terms and such.  

This tutorial makes a 12" block.  

{The Base Block}

{Fabric & Cuts}  

Tan for the donut base and white for the background. You can use any color you want for the background, this was all I had.  

  • Cut one white square that is 1.5"

  • Cut 4 white squares that are 3.5" each

  • Cut 8 tan squares that are 4.5" each

  • Cut 4 tan squares that are 1.5" each


You should now have all your cuts and squares. The photo above shows the different sizes you have just cut. You should have 8 of the large tan block, 4 of the small tan blocks,  4 of the smaller white block, and 1 large white block.  


With the 4 small tan blocks, use a pencil or drawing tool to mark a diagonal line on the back of each square from corner to corner. This will be your sewing guide. These will form the shape of the donut hole.  


Place the 4 small tan squares on each corner of the larger white block  like pictured, right sides together. I pinned them down right before sewing but didn't picture it. You will sew along each line you drew on the squares.  


Next, you will take your 4 white smaller squares and do the same. Draw a line diagonal from corner to corner on all 4 squares.  


Now you will pin each white square to each of the larger tan blocks, right sides together. (You will have 4 tan blocks put aside that will not be matched up with a white square). After pinning the blocks together, you will sew on the line you drew on all the blocks. Do the same to the larger white block with the 4 small tan squares on each corner.  


Iron all the seams, I do my spread out but you can seam iron how you like. Your pieces should look like this and you should now have 4 tan blocks with a white corner and one larger white block with small tan corners. The large white block will be used as the center of the donut and the other 4 will be used to "round" out the donuts edges.  


Lay out your pieces like in the picture. Sew the top 3 blocks together, then sew the middle 3 blocks together to form a separate row and the same for the bottom row. Then sew all 3 rows together to form your block.  


Iron your back seams and step back to admire your tan "O".  


Ta-Da! Wasn't that easy! Now stay tuned for part 2, the icing on the cake, or donut in our case!  

{The Icing}


11" square of icing fabric  


Lay your icing fabric square right side down on your donut block. Center the square like so.  


Place a 4" piece of fabric, or paper in the center of the square, right over the white square on your donut block. This will mark the donut hole, it's a guide so you know not to draw in that space. I used my little 4" square ruler for this.  


With a pencil or marking tool, draw a wavy circle around the edge of the fabric. I drew about and inch  or so away form the edge of the icing fabric. Then draw a wavy smaller circle in the center of the circle, away from the marker in the center.  


You can barely see my lines in the pic, but they are there, I swear!  


With scissors, cut out the edge of the icing using the wavy lines you drew on the outer edge, then do the same for the center wavy circle lines. I simply cut a little piece of fabric in the center to get my scissors in to cut the center. Don't cut your circle in half or anything.  


Pin your icing circle to the top of the donut block, right side of block and icing piece facing up. You could fuze the icing to the donut block instead of pinning, but I didn't have any fusible on hand.  


Set your machine to the zig zag stitch, we are going to zig zag stitch the edge of the icing to the donut block.  


Now, zig zag your little heart around the outer edge of the icing piece, then zig zag stitch the inner edge of the icing piece. It's ok if it's not perfectly centered on the block and icing edge, mine was far beyond perfect!  


And your done! Now go get yourself a donut to celebrate! Mmmmm...


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