My hubby found an old (well, not that old) pic of me yesterday. I think it was taken last year before I cut my hair a bit shorter. I kinda miss my long hair now that I look at the pic. But then again, I love having my hair a bit shorter and not having to sit on it!

So, this morning I started back on Weight Watchers! Very exciting! I thought I canceled my online membership last month cause I was broke (I bought too much fabric!)... but, I didn't click the "ok to cancel email" and it went through. I'm so glad it did to! I was about to resign up last night and was pleasantly surprised. So I'm back on and feel sooooo great, even if it's still the morning and I've only been back on it for a couple hours. Haha! It must be the mind set that is making me feel great. I've already lost around 30 pounds since October. I was on again, off again back and forth. I bet if I would have stuck with it the entire time I would be around 50 under, that would have been great!

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