Planning, Quilting and Binding Oh My!

Lets start with the fun stuff first! I finished the Little Forest wall quilt the other night! I'm madly in love with this little thing. It's my first "quilt" so far, so I'm pretty proud! The binding even turned out great for my second binding, this time I made my own. Another first!

After work I took pictures of the fabrics I'll be using in my Halloween themed quilt. This is kind of an idea of how it will look when I start to work on it. I need to rearrange some blocks and what not. Note, the girl in the pink dress will only be in one center block, I just did multiples of the same block for this. I can't wait to cut into this though, it's The Ghastlies by Alexander Henry.

Last to post on this entry is my planning for the Castle Peep's quilt!!! I get giddy when I touch or even walk by this fabric stack! I think I finally figured out the arrangement for this quilt. I'm doing the {Cheaters} 8 Point Star block. The bundle is split into 3 stacks (2 of each print), I will be making 4 stars from each stack. So 3 different star prints. Make sense? I'm excited!

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