So Proud

So I finished my Little Forest wall quilt last night. The binding came out nearly perfect! I'm so happy it's finsihed. This mini quilt was my first "real" quilt! I'll be sure to post pictures after work today! Now I need to finish up the Wonky Stars quilt and Zig Zag next. I'm still working on a few more Wonky log Cabin blocks for the 3rd quilt, I love how that one is looking as well. I promised myself (I said that last time) that I won't cut into my Castle Peep's or The Ghastlies fabric bundles till I finish the current quilts. It's going to be so hard not to start on them, but I'll try!

Today is going to be great! Woke up happy, brought a yummy salad for lunch and have my hex bag project with me today at my desk. I didn't sleep very well at all last night, Zoe was up off and on throughout the night, but I feel good!

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