Quilt Shop Block

Apparently some quilt books are wrong on directions, but luckily I made it work. In the book, some of the fabric cuts you are to make ended up being 1" off to match up other pieces with. I checked my seam allowance and remeasured each piece to make sure it wasn't my mistake and nope, it was the book. One cut was supposed to be 5.5" x 3", but ended up being 4.5"x3". Ugh! But I figured it out in the end how to make it work!

This block will be joined with 3 smaller sewing machine blocks! It's only a wall quilt, fairly large wall quilt, and it will be for my Mom on Xmas! I'm starting early since I have 4 wall quilts to make on top of my quilting bee blocks and quilts for me and Zoe in between... hey, gotta save time for my Wonderland quilts! :)

I'm pretty impressed that I managed to get all the pieces cut for this 15" (well, 14") block and put together in under an hour. I was going to use this block pattern for the 3 x 6 Mini Bee, but ya, I can't trust it will end up being 12.5" in the end. Not to mention all the cuts! The fabric bolt windor was so tedious. There were supposed to be only eight - 1 1/8" x 3" strips, but it was over an inch short, so I threw in a 9th piece and it worked great! See what I mean by the pattern being wrong? Sadly, this was from the book Block Magic. Sigh, I will most likely do more blocks from the book too, lets hope they aren't wrong too! :)

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