One more post...

Just wanted to do a little post about my first amigurumi! Yay! I finished sewing him together earlier today and love him! The pattern is from Ravelry. He was supposed to be a panda but I couldn't resist using some of my handspun yarn to make him out of. Zoe quickly took him over! I'm hoping to finish up my Amineko cat soon!


Also... I got a chance to try out my new spindle! The drop spindle is 3.1 ounces and was made by SevenYaks on etsy. It spins like butter and perfect for bulky weight yarns. It's defiantly a big change since I normally spin thin yarn but I love it!

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  1. I love this! I think it looks quite nice in your lovely yarn. Can't wait to look for the pattern on Ravelry. That drop spindle looks awesome, too!