Monster in the making


I've been working on this cute monster amigurumi for a few days now. I need to finish up the leg, arms and make him a sandwich! This monster is based off my new Yeti pattern, except I'm going to make a tiny PB&J sandwich for him, he's not too keen on cookies... He's a little odd, who doesn't like chocolate chip cookies?!



So far all my amigurumi (well, almost all) have been made with sock yarn and small hook. I tried to step out from tiny amigurumi's and make a "normal" sized one. So I wanted to make Lenore into amigurumi form and used worsted wight yarn and a G hook... I nearly finished the head and hated the size. It just seemed too big to me, even though it wasn't very big. The head was maybe a tad smaller than a baseball, my normal amigurumi heads are a tad smaller than a ping pong ball I think. So... I decided to make the head into a jellyfish top and make a cute jellyfish to hang... somewhere? No idea what I'll do with the jellyfish, but it sure is pretty.



I think I'm fully hooked (haha) into amigurumi crochet. I can't even tell you the joy I have making these little guys. They have inspired me to start drawing and sketching again, I just love seeing my sketches come to life with yarn. I could do them with knitting, but I really love the free form of crochet. When I knit in rounds I like to use dpns and I find it tricky to knit tiny with dpns. I can whip up socks with ease, but having 6 stitches on 3 needles, eh. And yes, I could do the magic loop too, but I'm still iffy with magic loop knitting. I tend to pull my first stitch too tight in fear of laddering. So I'm still working on my magic loop knitting, I've been practicing with socks and doing great! Ok, I'm done blabbing on and on... :)

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