Names, Crochet and Gifts


Making progress on Georgie. I whipped up a kitty helmet for him today, love how it turned out. He now has legs and one arm, just one more arm to go! I'm still stuck on what accessory I want to make him.. either a PB&J sandwich, cupcake, donut or cup of coffee. I really want to do a cup of coffee, but we'll see!



On to other projects, I've had this Amineko cat on the back burner for a while now. It's going to be a gift for my Mom for Xmas. I got around to attaching his head today, yay! I still need to whip up his limbs and tail but he's slowly coming along. Once I finish Georgie up I plan to finish this guy up. Secretly I wish I could keep him haha! I think I'm going to make another one after this guy for myself.



Also... I started a tiny garter stitch scarf for a future Yeti monster in my head. I know, too many projects going on. I haven't even listed all of them haha!

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  1. Seeing all your cute little guys, makes me want to give it a try too, but I think this is too fussy to do for me. I'm not patient enough. :o)