November Projects


I finally got photographic proof that we do indeed have 3 cats. Lucy is Elvis' sister, she is very skittish and will not hold still for pictures. Don't let her fool you though, if she see's your lap empty she will jump right on it and demand attention! Such a big baby. :)

I'm working on a handful of projects right now. One of them is a Amineko Cat for my mom, only need to hook the limbs and tail up. I keep putting the project off but I hope to finish it next week *cross my fingers*. Other than that one, I'm working on a toast scarf and a few monster amigurumi's. The toast scarf is almost done, just 8 more "slices" to go, then add the detail and sew them all together. I really want to finish it today so I can wear it tomorrow! I think I can finish it for sure, just need a free moment. I'm almost done with the Yeti, just 2 legs and the pattern will be available! Yay!

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