Picking Up Stitches

I thought I would do a quick tutorial on how to pick up stitches with crochet when you worked the back loops only on a row. I used this technique in the Zombina Girl & Yeti pattern.

When I mention in the pattern to go back to the row where you worked through the back loops only, this is what you are looking for. That row will have a line of raised bumps all along the edge.



You will insert your hook in the first bump. there is a small gap where the bump ridge isn't connected, that is the start and finish. You will work with the bottom of the torso facing out and the torso top towards you, starting on the left side of the gap (so the gap will be to your right).



Then just single crochet through each loop all the way around as if it were like normal. When you get to the end and have a gap, I always slip the first stitch, then continue with what the pattern says next. I find it easier to crochet these bumps without stuffing in the body, you can pinch the body together to make the bumps pop easier and your hook goes in smoother. Otherwise I found myself fighting with the row, took forever! :)

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