Such a Hooker

I'm crunching some projects for xmas! First I want to finish up my Amineko Cat (green Smooshy yarn_ for myself. I'm working on the last limb now, then I'm off to put my little cat together! Next up, I want to make one for my Mom for xmas (the light blue  gray yarn, my own kettle dye), then I plan to whip up a third Amineko Cat for my Nana (the Candy Sprinkles yarn). Since my Nana loves rainbows and they use them all over her church and walks, I figure this yarn would be perfect for a project to be used for her!


Have I mentioned how in love I am with these Amineko Cat's? I just adore making these! I have yet to finish my own cat still, but I hope to get him put together this evening if all goes well. I think my love of sock yarn and new love of crochet just goes well with this project. I have so much sock yarn to use and these cat's look adorable in every color possible!



Here is the cat I started for my Mom last night. I'm working on the top of the head right now and just finished all the increases. The yarn I'm using is my own kettle dyed sock yarn. The yarn was supposed to be listed in the shop, but I fell in love with this colorway and couldn't bare to let it go. In the past when I used to sell my handspun yarn, I would fall in love with a few yarns here and there and then I would sell them anyways. I would always regret selling a few of my favorite's so this time I decided to stick to my gut and keep it! So glad I did, it hooks up so pretty! The yarn has a mix of light aqua, white, gray and bits of pale lime green.

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