Yeti's and Toast

So I got my new Twinkie Chan book in the mail yesterday (yay!) and started on this Toast scarf right away! I love the book, it has some amazing patterns that are really easy to follow! This scarf is my first flat crochet project. Once I figured out the whole crochet thing I jumped right into amigurumi, so this is totally new to me. It's a little wavy now, but I noticed it flattened out a lot once I attached another piece of toast, so I think the waves will work itself out. Especially after wearing it a few times too!

After making a few toast's I decided I wanted to whip up a mini toast version for a brooch! Then got this great idea to make pink toast for Breast Cancer Awareness!


Lastly, I finished my Yeti head! Whoo hoo! I'm still working on the Yeti body pattern and it's coming along nicely. I'm very happy with how the head and face turned out. The face was hooked with my own kettle dyed yarn, also used on the Amineko I'm making for my Mom for xmas. I'm hoping to have the pattern done and him finished soon.

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  1. Awesome! I'm new to crochet too and picked it up quickly as well. It's so incredibly fast and easy