Zombina & Yeti Progress

I'm getting closer to finishing up the new Zombina pattern and amigurumi. I'm working on her body now and her limbs shoudl go fairly quick. I'm so in love with this amigurumi!



My Yeti is also coming along nicely! I'm adding the detail to him as I go. I hope to have both patterns available in the shop soon too! They are all ready to go, just need to finish up these guys for pictures to go along with them. I may list these amigurumi's for sale in the shop, not a 100% sure yet though. I'm very attached to them and I am adding so many tiny details to them. I added chalk pastels to Zombina's face to give her a unique Zombie glow. The Yeti is still waiting for more details but I added a tiny chocolate chip cookie, he was hungry. I might add something for Zombina to eat as well!

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