Amineko's and Scarves

I finally finished my mom's Aminkeo Cat for her birthday! I just adore how this kitty turned out and now I have the urge to make a third Amineko! This pattern will never get old, ever! I ordered a bunch of sock yarns for an amigurumi sewing machine pattern for my mom, and I have a few solids for me as well. I want to make a mustard colored Aminkeo with pink mixed in somehow. Hopefully the box will arrive tomorrow, cross my fingers!


I also finished up the handspun Chunky Scarf I made for Linly, my Uncle's girlfriend who I adore immensely! She is such a hippie and loves all things natural and handmade. After finding some of my old handspun yarn in a bag, I came across this handspun called Sativa I made a year or so ago. It's a blend of red/orange merino wool and hemp fibers. Perfect for a hippie at heart! As much as I want to keep this scarf, I'm hoping she likes it!

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