... breathe!

So... remember that Elna Supermatic I mentioned that I wanted... it's in my dining room! We picked it up today and I love it! It works like a charm, took me a few moments to get the tension set and I still have no idea what all the levers do. I need to find a manual for it sometime but I think I can wing it from here. To my surprise, I opened a few doors on the top and the insides of this machine are super clean! Someone took great care of this sewing machine and now it's mine! Muahaha! I'm dieing to jump into some sewing now, just need to figure out what I want to do first! I'm hoping to get some better pictures of this green beauty tomorrow, the light in the dining room is horrible. Ugh!

Zoƫ has been a complete nightmare here and there, it's the terrible two's... which turn into terribly three's... four's... five's... and so on! Ahhh, sometimes I want to rip my hair out. But then there are times where I can't stop laughing at her cute laugh or going crazy for her cute smile. Lately I've been trying to find arts & crafts to do with her to keep her busy but it's hard to find crafts for a 2 year old (or almost 2 year old). So if anyone has idea's, send them my way!




  1. I stumbled across your blog in Wordpress tags thanks to your beautiful quilt blocks. What a lovely blog you have! I saw your request for crafts you could do with your toddler, and you both might like Snowball Soap from my blog. (I feel spammy leaving you a link to my blog, so feel free to delete, I won't mind! But it's a quick, easy craft, kids like it and no trouble to clean up -- it's soap!)

  2. Thanks for the idea! Not spammy at all haha The craft looks like fun and I will defiantly give this ago! Her being 2 this month makes it hard to find crafts her age so I'm constantly on the look out for fun (clean) crafts haha! :)