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My second Granny Square inspired cowl is done. This one is doe in earthy tones and green (my favorite). I used a mix of different yarns like acrylic, wool, bamboo and even my own handspun. My handspun yarn is right below the brassy brown row, it was my favorite spun yarn I've done and I wish I had more, eep!. You can find this cowl in my shop with the first one I made too!


Zoe was just too cute to not photograph today. I just adore this new shirt my mom and I got this cute shirt at Target today. It has inspired my color palate in so many ways. I now want everything I own in the colors mustard and pinks! I think it's time for a new bang trim though, they are getting a tad too long, she had fun outside regardless if she could see or not haha!

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