Current Projects

I decided to dye up three new roving's! I saw some gorgeous sock yarn by Tanis Fiber Arts in the Jewel colorway here and just had to dye up some fiber with purple. I started with the roving on the far right, it's a mix of salmon, hot pink, juicy purple and gray. The middle roving is a blend of teal, chartreuse, greens and brown. Then the last roving on the far left is a mix of blue-purple, pink-purple and darker blue. I'm really happy with how these roving's turned out, wish they were yarn even more though! I'm hoping to start dyeing up other yarn weights too in worsted and bulky as well the fingering weight still.

Here's a current shot of the XXL Monster I have in progress. He is getting a yellow kitty helmet so far, I may give him a jellyfish to hold like Edna the Jellyfish Catcher has as well but I'm not 100% sure yet. Originally I had planned to give him a red helmet, but the yellow yarn seems to suit him so far. I just have to finish the arms and I can start working on the face and details. He is about 3-4 times the size compared to my normal sized monsters and I defiantly need to take a comparison shot of the monsters to show his size.

On my knitting needles again I have a chunky handspun scarf in progress for a secret xmas gift. I'm using my own handspun yarn and the yarn is so perfect for the person who is getting it! The yarn is a mix of red-orange merino wool and hemp fibers. They are a tad itchy, but just like hemp necklaces, the hemp in the yarn will get softer and softer with use. I'm just about done with the scarf, hopefully I'll finish it up tonight!

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