Edna "The Jellyfish Catcher"

Edna is done, I'm hoping to get some better full body pictures tomorrow. She is my favorite monster yet! Her helmet is removable and is a cute brown & white panda with trippy eyes and a tiny nose. She also holds in one hand, a cute white jellyfish (not pictured). If I can indeed get some good full body pictures tomorrow she will be listed up in the shop! So stay tuned for that update! Edna is now in the shop! Come check her out here!

Also, I've been getting a few emails regarding the helmets I have been making for these softies. They do fit Petite Blythe and Lati Yellow from what I found out! I will be making some up on the side and will list them soon! They will be done in my choice of colors and style, so very unique like my monsters. :)

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