Edna & Mr. Strings

I have two monsters in the works right now, Edna and Mr. Strings. These little faces make me smile so much! I made both heads and one torso when Zoe napped yesterday and now yarn holding hand has the worst cramp, ugh.



Edna is made with my own kettle dyed sock yarn. I'm totally loving this yarn, it was available in my shop but I kept oogling at it so I kept it! I'm unsure of what accessories and details I'll be doing on her right now, normally I have them in mind from the start but I think I'm going to finish her body first this time. Although I would love to give her black maryjanes... tempting!


Mr. Strings was named from a song by Andrew Bird. He sings the song on a kids show... and since that's all we watch during the day with Zoe, it was stuck in my head. He will be an all green monster that reminds me of green beans, also why I named him Mr. Strings. :) I need to think of green things for this little guy!

Since my brain has been cranking a lot lately, I have a few idea's in my head that I would like to get sketched out and hooked up as well. One idea is a Siamese monster. I would love to make a two headed monster, but I need to alter my torso a bit to fit two heads. Hopefully I'll have more info on this project soon... as well as monster ice cream!

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