Hooks for a Hooker

Left: Susan Bates Hook / Right: Boye Hook

Hooks... so many to choose from! I'm still new to the whole crochet thing and have already fell in love with a favorite hook. I use a C hook for most of my amigurumi's since I work with fingering weight yarn, I get a nice tight fabric when working with this size. I have been using the same hook that I stole from my mom (hehe) and wanted to pick up a second one so I can keep in a different project bag if I'm working on multiple monsters. So I went on over to Walmart and picked up a C hook... didn't notice the brand or style of the hook. I just assumed they were all similar, a C hook is like any C hook. Nope! I've been using the Susan Bates hook and LOVE it! I love the square-ish tip of the hook and it lets me work smooth and fast. They new hook I picked up is a Boye hook, not a fan. The more flared tip gets caught on my loops when pulling yarn through them. Very frustrating. You can see from the picture I took of the difference in the tip. The Boye hook on the right flares a tad, it is pointier on top though, so that part I like, helps me work through some tight chains.

Sorry if this post bores you, I just wanted to state my preference for new hookers like myself. :)

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