Inspiration Friday

This weeks inspiration comes from me wanting to redecorate the downstairs. I've been searching for unique DIY things I can do for decorations and center pieces. Yesterday I whipped up a 12" pillow insert on my "new" machine and have a granny square pillow cover in progress for it! My hubby surprised me with the Jeff Soto print and now I need to refocus my design idea's to fit the print in perfectly. I'm seeing a lot of pale grays and different shades of greens with a touch of pink!
1. Bobbin Lace, 2. Frutsel, 3. Can't wait till it's christmas :)!, 4. Blackie, 5. Yarn Bombed - Ottawa 12 10, 6. Bobbie, 7. Couch, 8. degrading moment, 9. That 70's Hat 1

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