Midweek Favorites


My post is very late today. I haven't been feeling tip top today but I couldn't go to sleep tonight without posting my top 5 etsy favorites for the week! :) Since I've been so amigurumi crazy lately, I decided to list my top 5 favorite amigurumi toys on etsy this week!

Currently I have a marshmallow monster in progress, as well as another Amineko Cat. I'm hoping to get some more creature's hooked up soon, been in a bit of an off mood lately though. :P


1) Meet My Sister Frog - La Woodstock

2) Panda Taxidermy - Ministry of Craft

3) Tiny Crochet Skulls - Dewey Decimal Crafts

4) Stanley the Alpaca Bear - Spud Muffins

5) Green Snail - Muffa

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