New in Shop!


Just added to the Milky Robot shop! I dyed up some fresh sock yarn the other day as well as a new roving for the shop. As tempting these are to keep, I must let some yarn go. I can't always hoard my hand dyed yarn, even though I could easily fit them into my yarn stash drawers! I have two pounds of roving to dye up soon, so stay tuned for updates on that as well. It may not be ready till after the holidays, it's starting to get a bit hectic over here with working on xmas gifts and personal projects for the shop, eep!



Other than dyeing yarn and fiber up, I started granny squares! Other than learning to make amigurumi toys, I really wanted to make granny squares. Those two things got me into wanting to crochet. So finally I sat down the other night and taught myself how to make the traditional granny square. I'm SO in for it, these are more addicting to make than sewing hex's together! (Another project I need to get back to!). I made a bunch of granny square necklaces out of, you guessed it, sock yarn! If I can get some better shots of them tomorrow I'll have some available in the shop tomorrow!

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  1. Love that yarn! And those granny squares are fab.