Roving is Drying

I dyed up some new roving today for the shop. These two are outside drying till tomorrow and then they will be available, although I'm not very happy with the peachy pink one, I may throw that back in the pot tonight and add more spots of hot pink... ya, I'm going to do just that after I write this! :) I'm really itching to dye up more yarn but I'm fresh out of blanks sadly, hopefully I can reorder more yarn soon though!


  1. Jess, don't you spin as well? That pink stuff could be a wonderful yarn. You've inspired me with the drop spindle. Now I want to try it. :-)

  2. I do spin too, but sadly I sold my wheel once I had the little one (2 years ago), then bought a new one and ended up reselling that as well. Thinking I wouldn't want to spin again, silly, silly me! I'm in the market for a new wheel. I feel so stupid to have gotten rid of my wheels and sad. haha