... completely! The moment I set up my iPhone, I grabbed the Hipstamatic app. I've been playing with it on my mom's iPhone in desperation to try it out before I had my own iPhone. Now that I have, I can't stop using it... on everything! So be aware, you will be seeing LOTS of pictures taken with Hipstamtic. I'm even thinking about doing a Hipstamatic day on the blog, still rethinking it though.

I don't know what I have been doing without the iPhone. I love the Weight Watchers app on it and it even got me into starting fresh with Weight Watchers (this is like the 4th time now?). It's SO easy to use and SO much nicer to use on my phone than my macbook. It was just such a hassle to pull out my macbook and load up the site, I think that's what detoured me off WW. I started fresh this morning and jumped on the scale to see that I was already down 4.5 pounds since last week, so it's a good start today. I've been keeping track of everything all day and loving every second! Lets hope I hit one of my weight goals this year, I'm so determined! I lost 30 pounds in 2-3 months a while back, then gained it back since then. So I know WW works for me, diets don't. :p


  1. I don't even take my camera with me anywhere these days - I just use my iphone with hipstamatic. I bought all the packs and I just use the shake it method. Some photo's are crap but some are amazing. I'm hooked as well, it makes ordinary things look good.

  2. Same here! I love doing Photography but hate taking a camera out with me. I also love the shake method and get random hipstamatic pictures, I grabbed all the packs for it to. Really wish I could get my hands on the Dali pack, so bummed it was limited.