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So... I had a sock cast off issue last night. I cast off the previous sock I was knitting WAY too tight. I even thought that as I was casting off. Why I didn't loosen up, no idea. When I tried the sock on before I casted off, it fit great! Went on great, comfy and soft. Then I tried it on after I casted it off and lets say it was not the same delightful feeling. Couldn't get the sock cuff edge past my heel, then I over stretched the thing to finally squeeze past the heel and it looked great! But after I took it off (took some tugging), it was beyond stretched. You can open the cuff of the sock completely open and flat, ugh. I think my knitting was too loose with the size 3's so I started these socks the other day on size 2's but with 72 stitches instead of 64. So far, so good. It has a good stretch and bounce back when I pull on it, I think that's a good sign? This time I'm going to make a longer cuff instead of ankle socks. I always have bad luck with ankle socks, so hopefully "normal" socks will be better?

Question: Should I do ribbing from heel to cuff edge, or stockinette for most of the cuff and do ribbing an inch from top for best fit? I have size 12 womens feet and my ankle is about 10.5" around.

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