Currently on the Hooks

I'm working on a custom commission Zombie Girl and I'm on the long stretch now. Just finished up her body piece and now I'm working on the limbs, or lack there of. Muahaha! I'll be working on another Zombie here soon for a side project, can't wait to start the next zombie! I just love me some zombie!


I also had a chance to whip up this super cute micro monster using this pattern. I need to photograph the completed monster still, so cute! I think I might use my own pattern to create a mico monster next though. I like my body and limb shape a tad more for my own projects, but this one was super easy and adorable! I used two different gray yarns for the monster, dark heather gray for the torso and a silver gray for the limbs, I think the color combo would be great on one of my bigger monsters, this one was about 2" after he was all sewn together, mine are normally 4".

I'm working on a mermaid kitty as well at the moment for my side project. So exciting!


  1. :)

    Keep blasting me with awesome banners and I might die!


  2. Thanks! I think this one is a keeper, it really fits my love for plush & Palahniuk haha