"Sew" Fun!

Had some freetime yesterday while Bob & Zoë took a late nap, so I finished up quilting my two mini quilt tops and decided to try out this Coin Purse tutorial here. This was the first time I had used a zipper and my zipper foot! It was a fun project and I plan to cut out more fabric from my scrap pile to make more of these! Last year I bought 25 random colored zippers on etsy for a super cheap price but had no idea one what to use them with. Now I have a project!

As for my quilting, I'm really happy with the design I picked for both of these. The Spider Web mini got a simple line design to look like a spider web and my zig zag mini got very simple 1/4" zig zag lines. I'm hoping to get the binding cut tonight and get it sewn on this coming week. I need to finish up some projects this week like a doll reroot I have going for a customer and a doll custom for a flickr friend, Sandie. I should of finished these a while back but my motivation went in the toilet for these projects and I couldn't bare to work on them without my heart in it. With the new year started, I really want to clear old projects and get things done! :)

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