Like a Glove

*Tear* I'm so proud of these socks. They fit great, the knitting could have been tighter if I went with size 2's, but it's ok. I have a new pair on some size 2's I just started today and it's slightly tighter. I'm a tight knitter to begin with, so when I knit a 64 stitch sock on size 2's, I can't get them over my heel. So most of the time I opt for size 3's and knit them with 64 stitches, it didn't dawn on me until the other day that I could just bump my stitches to 72 on size 2's... duh! So that's what I'm doing on the other pair now, couldn't get a shot of them since the lighting is crap in the house now. But yes, I love these socks and can't wait to get them finished!

Le frogged... Now tha I conquered the magic loop (fully), toe up and short rows... I can't stand knitting these. The yarn is thin and with the size 3's I'm using here, it's too loose for my taste. I didn't want to go back and redo them, but now that I enjoy the toe up far better, it's time to frog. I'll put this yarn back on some size 2's later. Too bad though, the yarn is gorgeous, I even contemplated on using this yarn for a stripey Amineko Cat?

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