Marshmallow Fluff

I have been so bored today. Tried to work on my socks, nah. Tried to work on my blog, nah. Tried to play Wii, double nah. So I finally decided to pull out my Marshmallow Monster pieces and start putting him together. I always forget how fun it is to decorate my monster faces, they just jump to life once the eyes have been added. I've been asked if I plan out the design ahead of time, sometimes I do, but most times I just wing it as I go. This monster was semi planned and semi not. I knew the colors I wanted to feature on him, but as for the whole over all look, I had no idea what I wanted to do. This monster screamed for a pom pom on his head, don't know why. As I was taking some quick evening pictures of him outside I can see my monster inspirations, Takashi Murakami. He is one of my favorite artists next to Jeff Soto and d'holbachie.  The colors that these artists use get my brain cranking and my mouth grinning. I plan to crank out his arms and legs this evening and I'm tempted to add some kitty typed ears... possibly a scarf?

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