Marshmallow Smiles

Finished the MArshmallow Monster today while Zoë took her nap. I'm really pleased at how he came out, very albino I noticed, which was not planned at all. I love how pleasantly surprised I am when the monsters are done. I always set them against a wall and stare at them, soaking up every detail I added to them. Most of the time a name for them pops into my head the second I pick up the yarn to start hooking. He will be available in the shop soon, as will the others I had finished a while back. I'm currently in limbo on how to list them and where. I was going to keep them on my yarn shop, but eh. I may just get a whole new shop for them, who knows.

Also, if you have an idea's, please send them on over! I'm constantly trying to think of what accessories to make for them, color themes and more.


  1. Warning, off topic...
    I LOVE how your banner changes every time I read your blog!

    List, list and list them.. make a new shop and move them when you're ready too. They are TOO cute not to have available!
    Fun accessories... hrmm..
    They are super the way they are though!

  2. Haha! I keep changing it manually cause I get bored haha! I'm about to change it again most likely, trying to find a happy medium. LOVE your banner, wow!

    Thanks for the idea's! I have 2 monsters up for trade right now, looking for fiber batts *wink wink*