Monster Triple Scoop

This project has begun! I've had the idea of a triple scoop ice cream cone based off my monster heads in my head for a while. I started the cone last night and have started working on the three heads today. What flavors you ask? Strawberry, Vanilla and Dark Chocolate! I'm not sure when this plush will be completely done since I'll be adding a lot of detail to it including drips of melted ice cream, the faces and a cherry on top! I'm just glad I got the cone done, since I'm still new to the whole crochet thing, I wasn't sure how to go about an make such a simple shape but I figured it out. The cone is made in worsted weight yarn but with the same hook (size C) as I use for the rest of the monsters in fingering weight yarn. So in other words, the cone is very, very stiff and sturdy. It's perfect! Also, I'm on day 14 of my YIP 365 photo challenge and going strong, yay!


Also! I decided to keep my monsters listed in my yarn shop afterall, but... they still have their own store in a sense. I'm calling the mini shop "The Monster Market". I need to get new tags for them and stuff, but they will be available in the shop soon enough!

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