On and Off the Hooks

Meet Thelma, the little girl in my collection of patterns. I love how her sundress turned out, it looks exactly like my sketch of her. Her eyes were last minute, I planned on doing either button or embroidery eyes. Then I saw some black flower sequins and just knew they would be too cute to pass up since they looked like lashes! I need to finish up her arms and whip up a cute little scarf to go with her dress. She is not available for sale, but... I will be putting a listing up for "made-to-order" Thelma's soon! I need to save her for the project I'm working on. She will be paired with a punkish boy next!


Just finished up the cute little Zombie Girl commission, her brain isn't in the picture (obviously). She turned out adorable too! I have to make another Zombie Girl here soon for my project, she will be similar, but not exact. I will also be listing a "made-to-order" Zombie Girl in the shop soon, just need to reorder more Spring Tickle Smooshy sock yarn. I can't seem to find another good yarn in the stash for the zombie skin tone, I'm just in love with the yarn I've been using on them. Her dress is from my own hand dyed yarn, Rock Candy.

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