Ralph & Jelly Progress

Ralph will be finished tonight and up in the shop tomorrow! Yay! I embroidered a tiny buzzing fly on his belly, this actually took a while to get just right even though it looks pretty easy to stitch. I wanted the wings to be more free instead of sewn down. I just need to finish the other leg and sew him up!


As for Jelly, I only have her head done so far. I'm debating on adding ears or not, I think I'll wait till after the body is done. GAH! I just love Colinette Cadenza, and Fire is my all time favorite colorway ever. I knit some socks a couple years back in Jitterbug Fire and loved them, even if they didn't fit right. It was my first pair. I might remake another monster in this yarn though and sell Jelly after all. I need a monster for a project that I'll be doing.

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