Work? What's that?


Starting today, I am going to work at my old job (the dealership) once a week to help out my mother in law... plus I get some extra spending money, which is always good! I haven't been away from Zoë this long in a while and it was odd. The day was so incredibly boring and quiet. I used to do accounts payable in the business office and now that I had a nice break from it, I don't know how I handled it for 3 years. I was so used to the loud cartoons blasting from the tv, Zoë running around the house all crazy and lifting the cats by their tails. For some reason, I pick a crazy day at home over a quiet peaceful office environment any day it seems! Right after work I headed to the yarn shop to track down a pair of Addi Turbo 12" circs (size 3), no luck, looks like I need to order a pair. So I grabbed a new set of wood sock dpns and couldn't resist picking up this gorgeous sock yarn! They only had one ball left in this colorway and I just couldn't leave it behind. I'm hoping I can knit a pair on ankle socks with just the one ball if I use a solid yarn for the heels and toes... think I can do it? The ball is only 220 yards so we'll see!

Zoë apparently had a fantastic nap with our cat Elvis. She was in a really bad habit of sleeping on me during the day for her naps. Now that we got rid of our recliner, she is forced to sleep on the couch for her nap. The first day without the recliner went amazingly awesome! She curled up on the couch while watching cartoons and passed out for 2 hours. What did I do? Whipped out my fabrics and cut a mini quilt as fast as possible and got to sewing! I love nap time now.

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