Another sneak peek at Max

Just finished the hat for my Max monster and added buttons to the front of his chest. I know the original character had a bigger crown and it was slightly different, but I didn't want it too look exactly like it... my monster is supposed to be inspired by the book, not an exact. I'm really happy with how he is coming along! I'm hoping to work on the limbs a little today and hopefully get to the bushy tail. I still need to figure out the tail pattern and have some idea's on how I want to make it.

The other day my Kozyndan Bunnyfish arrived! I have been wanting one of these plush for ever! He's been sitting on my shelf for a few days and I completely forgot about him, eep!

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  1. I love Kozyndan's bunny artwork. I've been meaning to get some of it for our walls.

    Really liking how your Max inspired plush is coming out. Very nice!