"Dead" Bears

"A friend of the devil is a friend of mine..." - Friend of the Devil (Grateful Dead)

This morning I decided to work on a plush, fully inspired by the Grateful Dead bears! I knew my husband would be thrilled about this plush toy, after all, Grateful Dead runs through his veins. After seeing his buddy, Kyle, get new Grateful Dead themed ink done, I just had to give this a go. I did some research on flickr and couldn't find ANY amigurumi made in theme of the Grateful Dead bears... another reason to give it a go! I had to do the torso twice, didn't like the first version, I wanted the neck scruff to be a layer on top of the body and came up with this look. I'm hoping to get the head and limbs done while Zoƫ naps today (please be soon!). As for the face, I'm stumped. I don't want them to look exactly like the dead bears, so I may just do a simple embroidered face with X's for eyes... get it, "dead" bears? ha ha ha

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