Milky Robot was created by Jess Rollar in 2001. She started out spinning yarn and knitting. It wasn't until 2010, when Jess taught herself to crochet and became "hooked" on designing and making plush toys. After making her first monster softie, Jess became quickly addicted to plush making.

Most of the plush Jess makes start out in her sketch book, some don't make it that far and are created while she has the idea in her head. The plush toys are normally around 4 inches tall and all made using sock yarn and a very tiny hook. Each plush feature's the Milky Robot signature eyes, making her monsters and creatures very unique.

Jess does make plush by commission and sells ready made plush in her shop. If you are interested in getting a plush made especially for you, please visit the contact page and send her a note! She loves a challenge and would love to work with you on creating your perfect plush!

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