Herman and Oskar

Decided to make a little photo stand for my plush photography. I used two thin wood panels and formed them into an "L" shape, glued on white felt for floor and backing and ta-da! Instant little photo prop. It's working out great for what I needed it to do, I want to make one a little bigger though, I had to tightly crop this pic to get all the background out. I'm quite happy with the outcome though! Herman decided to be the first model. He will be in the shop on Monday, I'll be doing a little shop post that morning! :)


Also joining Herman in the shop update Monday will be Oskar! This little monster is still being put together, he's missing his pom pom and legs, eep! I want to make something cute to go with him, I'm thinking fuzzy white rat. This monster has a great color scheme, I'm loving this color combo. He has bumped up to one of my top favorite monsters yet, I'll have to make myself an Oskar sometime!

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