Inspiration Friday

I'm very much in love with this weeks inspiration mosaic! It's full of Japanese crafting, my favorite!

1. hello!, 2. Hey Bunny, what do you wanna order?, 3. junk in the trunk, 4. Handspun☆Extremity pop V neck sweater!progress process., 5. Untitled, 6. Shrink Plastic, 7. 我可以和你一起扛。, 8. up in the sKY, 9. Invisible Leatherman


  1. When you do posts such as these do you notify everyone you've linked to? ... or is the link enough? I often wonder such things...

  2. I always just post the links and upload the picture in flickr. If someone see's a photo of theirs in my mosaic and want it removed, I'll happily remove it :)