Max, my next project


I've been a fan of the book "Where the Wild Things Are" for years and my hubby is an even bigger fan. So I got thinking this morning, maybe I could make a Max inspired plush... and I shall! I ordered more cream yarn this morning, I love Knit Picks Palette yarn for my plush, it's squishy and crochets up nice. I'll start sketching out a design today and hopefully start it in the next few days, I really need to concentrate and finish this commission order, still only have to make two kitties. I started one kitty head this morning, hopefully that will get me motivated to get them done and shipped out to my lovely customer! :)

So, I've also decided to start making Christmas ornaments for the shop to list in the near future. I know, I'm nuts, it's only February.... but I'm dieing to make ornaments! Once I get to a point where I have some extra time I'll start on some mushroom ornaments!

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  1. One of my all-time favourite childrens' books. Read it literally to pieces when I was a young'un :) can't wait to see what you come up with!