Mermaid Kitty Head


So I finished the Mermaid Cat's head this morning and just finished the arms now. I need to make a tail still, not looking forward to that. Since I'm writing a pattern for this guy, I need to keep track of the rows I do for the tail and it's going to be a slow process as I stop between each round and click my row counter. Otherwise I would just keep crocheting around and around until I think it's long enough. At least I only have to count the rows once haha!

So on a good note, in case some of you didn't know what my secret project was... I'm trying to write a book with my patterns! I have already submitted my book idea to a publisher I have in mind, it passed the first step and now they want to see more and my professional book proposal outline. I'm hoping to get this project together a little faster and start on the proposal while I continue to make more patterns. I have them all written down, I just need to make one of each plush to keep on hand for "hopefully" book photographs! So, I have been letting others know that if they see something I make recently and want one for their own to send me an email. As of right now, I'm not accepting anymore custom commission orders until I finish the ones I have on the table. I just got a kinda big order (of 5) so it might take me a little while to start opening up again for custom orders. I will keep you all posted! Thanks for your support by coming to my blog too! <3

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