More Spinning

My order form Amazon and Spun Right Round arrived today, good mail day! I'm ready to dive into Soul Pancake and start spinning up this batt, also swapped out purses with this gnarly hand printed tote (also from Spun Right Round). I skimmed though Soul Pancake the other day at the bookstore and was very interested in the book, after reading a little bit more through it... I really love this book! I'm hoping it will get my brain moving and think more outside the box with my plush creations. I've been looking for inspiration like crazy lately, normally I get my color inspiration from graffiti, but there is none around here really. Most would think it's a good thing, but I think it really blows. I love seeing graffiti, it's gorgeous! I might make a trip into Phoenix here soon to get my graffiti fix.

So, back to my mail day! I got this gorgeous 2.2 ounce batt from Spun Right Round. That is by far my favorite shop for batts, the colors are amazing and there are some awesome color blends. I like unusual color combo's and Renee's batts fill that color love of mine. They spin like butter and there is always a surprise popping up in the twist. I used to card batts a couple years ago and loved it, they remind me a lot of my old batts I would make, maybe that's why I just love them so much? Anyways, I still have another one of her batts partially spun on my Ashford spindle so I think I'll throw this on my bulky spindle. I've only messed with it a few times and it's an amazing spindle. The weight of it feels very strong, you know your getting a good twist on it. You can see the spindle above (with the spider web).

This was the other batt I was talking about, it's also a Spun Right Round batt. I'm spinning it up on my favorite spindle, and Ashford Student spindle. I gotta say, my 2 year old dropped it a couple times and it feels a little off balance. It tends to wobble lately... which sucks. But it still gets the job done and continues to spin like butta'. I think the yarn I've spun is around fingering weight, so after I ply it I'm hoping it will be close to worsted weight, maybe more DK.


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  2. Horray! I'm so happy that you're enjoying them!

    ... I've got to get that book!