Palahniuk, Pancakes and Panda's

"We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will." - Chuck Palahniuk

Working on a psychedelic panda in my own dyed yarns. The panda will have a blue variegated body and head with peach variegated limbs and accents. In person, the colors almost look like a rainbow next to each other. The peach yarn has bits of mauve, pale pink, neon orange and hot pink; the blue has bits of lime green, teal, aqua and gray. Hoping to get all the parts done today but we shall see what the day brings me, Zoƫ is a tad clingy this morning and wants to get into everything (no surprise, she's 2). I can't wait for the day where we can sit together and I can teach her how to knit, crochet, spin... oh the list goes on!


I was in need of some plush inspiration and ran across Rain Wilson's new book yesterday. I had heard it was coming out and completely forgot it was released. I didn't pick it up, but I told my mom about it on the phone last night and she surprised me and ordered it on Amazon this morning. Very anxious to get my hands on this book, it's been a while since I've done any reading. I still need to get caught up on my Palahniuk, I'm so behind! His new book "Damned" comes out in October, very excited about this book! The last few haven't really caught my attention (Tell-All and Pygmy), the last one I read was Haunted. Haunted is one of my favorite books of all time, it's sooooo disgusting, love it! It is probably the sickest and most disturbing book I've ever read, great read though! Just found out they might be doing a movie from the book, that should be very interesting. If they leave out any of the gore, it won't be the same, right?

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  1. I never read Haunted! There's actually a few I haven't read. I think Snuff was the last one for me. May have to resurrect the Palahniuk interest. I've been reading like mad lately!