Pancakes anyone?

Ever panda needs a stack of yummy pancakes! Decided to whip up a batch of pancakes on a dish to go along with this cute panda pattern. It was super easy and only took about 10 minutes to crochet and sew together.

I'm just about done writing up the pattern for Penelope and the pancakes, I plan to start the Mer-kitty today if all goes well. Up after that I might get the monster out of the way and the zombie next. I need to reorder more Smooshy sock yarn for the zombie though, so I'll keep pushing that plush off until I do.

If anyone is interested in one of the plush I have been making, please send me a message or comment and I can whip one up for you. You can also pick certain colors too (like a different colored dress, eyes, etc). All my plush are currently $30 + shipping.


  1. I totally want this panda :P Is she going on etsy anytime soon?

  2. This panda won't be in the shop, but I can make one on request if you like. It will take me around a week to finish and then I would send it out directly after that. Send me an email if your interested: