Panda Hat Progress

Finished the Panda hat base today! Instead of doing the traditional black, I decided to go for some bright pink! I'm using some Colinette Cadenza yarn in the Fire colorway, my favorite yarn ever! Tomorrow I plan to make a quick run and pink up more white and black to make a traditional panda hat... yup, a second hat! I just love this pattern, it's really easy and fast to whip up. But I gotta say, I used size H hook instead of the F hook and it's really snug if you follow the pattern straight, I had to add 4 extra rounds. The next hat I'm going to work one more increase round at the crown before working it straight, plus the additional 4 rounds. I'm hoping it will fit a bit better if I do that. I may end up giving this hat to Zoƫ, we shall see... if I don't fall in love with it after I add the ears!


  1. Hi! Do you have any tips on etsy-shops for yarn? For making crochet amigurumi :)

  2. Hello! I buy a lot of yarn off etsy, mostly sock yarn for my plush toys. I always look for a subtle variegated yarn, most of the time I like semi-solid yarns and love kettle dyed yarn! You don't want the yarn to be too variegated or busy that when you add a face or any details, they kind of blend right in. If you see a really bold variegated yarn, make sure your face is color that would contrast the yarn and stand out, maybe even add a round face patch in solid to help break up the variegated yarn and your face details. :) I hope this helps! :) I'm a big shopper at too! For fingering weight yarn (and worsted), they have great prices!