Panda Parts


Ahhhh! I love this guy so much and he doesn't even have a face yet! I was working on this pattern today and I actually finished all the crocheting in one day, I'm shocked! Normally it takes me anywhere from 3-5 days to pump out a plush due to the little one running around crazy. I think I'm just focusing a little more lately on this big project and crocheting as quick as possible through nap times! I'm hoping to get his face done tonight but I'm stumped. I wanted to do some different variations in the book for faces and include embroidered and buttoned eyes. As tempting as it is to through on some super cute sequins, I may do a simple embroidered face... still not 100% sure yet though. I really like the eyes on the Amineko Cat, but I don't want to be "copying" the eyes, so who knows. I just see this panda with serene closed eyes and a cute frowned mouth.

Oh, the black yarn I used on this guy is some Japanese mohair yarn that came with a larger panda kit I got from the online shop Super Buzzy (go check out the shop, it's got SO many cute things!). I totally stole the yarn from it once I thought of making my own panda pattern. The rest of the yarn is just Knit Picks Palatte in Oyster. Can't wait to finish this guy, then on to the mer-kitty pattern!

In other news, I'm joining The Needle's plush blog showcase! So you will be seeing lots of my plush toys on there from time to time! Yay!

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