Pol: E-Book or Traditional Book?

For all my crafty peeps, I need to ask you all to take a vote and reply to this posting if you could. I'm torn on the idea of how to get my book published, either the e-book & self publishing route or the traditonal route. I'm considering the e-book & self publishing way, I figure I could carry the e-book & self published version in my shop, amazon and a few other places... and, I could get actual copies printed in book form to sell in the shop as well as other shops who would like to carry my book. It would reduce the cost in the book for you all as well.

So, should I self publish my book (indie publishing) or go the traditional route and send it off to a publisher???

Remember, both ways would get an actual book, just self publishing won't get it on the shelf at your local B&N.

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